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        Sylvana Levesque was one of my wonderful teachers, leaders, mentors at ITEI...Where she leads I suggest all follow...Simply the best of the best! Lisa- Marie


                                         ITEI TEA BLENDING PROFESSIONAL
                                            Sept 23-24 2016 in Toronto, ON, Canada

                                          Some of the participants feedback

H. Kwon: I loved action packed classes today and totally worth to giving up my days off! 
C. Lang:  Hi sylvana, 
Just a short note to thank you for putting together such an amazing course with so much                                                           experience and guidance from Brigitte, Wolfgang and yourself. I learned so much!! 
It was wonderful meeting other tea merchants from around the world and hearing about their                                                                                   experiences. At the same time it was empowering in giving us an extensive knowledge in blending. Quite                                                               a science! Who knew that xxxxxx would complement sencha! 
I plan on taking other courses through your tea school in future and perhaps visiting the tea garden while I                                                             am in Hawaii this February.

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Welcome to International Tea Education Institute (ITEI) where learning the mysteries of the tea plant, Camellia Sinensis, is open to all levels of interest- professionals and tea enthusiasts alike! Our proprietary teaching methods, tools, comprehensive content, and multilingual educators with extensive tea knowledge and expertise are the ideal gateway to learn world teas, "terroirs", professional tea cupping/ tasting,  the art of tea, the various tea cultures and tea etiquette, understand the tea industry, the business of tea, tea trade and the excellency of tea service in the hospitality and catering industry. International Tea Education Institute specializes in professional tea certification programs.  Courses are offered both Online and Onsite to students from around the world. Courses are at three Levels, foundation, Intermediate  and Advanced. The Institute is represented in certain countries through ITEI Accredited Tea Educators Program. Coupled with every establishment own internal, specific rules, trainings and regulations, International Tea Education Certificates make it easier for recruiting in the food / hospitality industry when looking for a proof of professional, superior tea knowledge and skills acquired by the graduate and needed for the position.. 

Tea and the hospitality/ Catering industry/ Food Service
NEW: ITEI TEA STEWARD TRAINING. Please check the syllabus under tea Courses 
The Certification programs offered by International Tea Education institute (ITEI) include Tea Menus design, Tea and food pairing courses, Tea cocktails, cooking with tea courses, tea trends such as Matcha as a culinary ingredient and more. Open to tea enthusiasts, tea lovers, tea Connoisseurs, tea tasters, tea business owners, chefs, pastry chefs, the hospitality / catering industry.  
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Although many of our tea courses can be conducted entirely online to suit todays busy lifestyles and schedules, some of our tea training programs usually consist of two parts: the initial part dedicated for the hands-on experience is conducted on-site and lasts 2-3 days in various cities in the world. The second part of our tea trainings is usually done through tutored periodic online sessions. 
Online courses tea mastery and "sommellerie" 
For those individuals who are unable to participate in any of our on site trainings or perhaps prefer to do their training online, we offer exclusive interactive and tutored Online trainings via SKYPE or Webinars or any other free audio/visual network.  The freedom of learning from the comfort of your home or office is possible for most of our courses except tea blending.  Please contact us to discuss the training format that suits your needs!
ITEI Tea Blending Professional
International Tea Education institute (ITEI) is the industry pioneer in developing and offering the most professional Certified Tea blending trainings world-wide with experienced tea blenders and instructors. Please check the prerequisites for this course.
Tea business and ITEI Tea consultants
International Tea Education institute (ITEI) offers a serie of tea business courses including some tea business models for tea rooms, tea shops, tea houses, Online tea businesses, finding the right niche, suppliers, distribution channels, import/ export, marketing, social media and more, ITEI consultants from around the world work hand in hand with our members to help them in launching their new tea business or in revisiting an existing one for better performance and profitability.
International Tea Education (ITEI) and Flexible Diplomas and Certifications
A lot of tea lovers have interest in tea without the desire to become an ITEI Certified Tea Master or an ITEI Certified Tea Blender, or even embracing a tea career; we offer tea certifications and diplomas to tea enthusiasts, career changers, career seekers in a college like environment, both Online and Onsite programs.
Special Tea & Chocolate Workshops
Tea & Chocolate, Chemistry, Technology and Techniques

In collaboration with Chocolate Academy and Cocoa-Barry ®, please check the calendar on this website for both french and english classes.
Customized Tea Experience and Trainings- Corporate and Private Tea Events and trainings 
At International Tea Education institute (ITEI), we accomodate your various requests including developing customized tea courses for your groups or employees for an additional cost. We offer both private and/or group tea courses. Request a quote for your tea events by filling out the contact form and we will be happy to discuss your specific needs,  budget and endless possibilities.
Tea careers/ Assistance in finding a job in the tea industry
International Tea Education institute (ITEI) offers support, guidance, resumes writing and assistance in job placement in the tea or hospitality industry. 

Tea Tours In collaboration with World Tea Tours, International Tea Education Institute (ITEI) offers fun and educational tea tours to various tea producing areas world-wide adding layers of tea knowledge and opportunities.

Tea Industry News/ Tea blog
Find the most relevant and breaking tea news from the tea industry.  For history lovers, International Tea Education institute (ITEI) is the first Tea School in the world that hired a Tea Historian with wonderful tea history articles in the Tea News section of this website reminding us all that tea is steeped in history. 
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We invite you to contact us to discuss your specific needs and offer you personalized training programs.  Please write to us and provide your coordinates as well as details of your interests.  One of our faculty members will be delighted to guide you in your important  tea career choices as well as discussing your financial plans to achieve your goals in tea.
Please check our various on-site or online tea trainings calendar and join us to gain the level of tea knowledge and expertise you are looking for!
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